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GEOPHYSICS (Utility locating, UST Detection, etc.)

TPI strives to offer you the most thorough and accurate geophysical surveys possible by incorporating a multi-faceted approach that includes ground penetrating radar, line locating equipment, and EM scanning technology.  With this combination of equipment and experience, our geophysicists are able to detect private utilities, underground storage tanks (tank sweeps), drums, septic structures, excavations, rebar, and more. 


At TPI, we make it a point to deliver a practical interpretation of our geophysical data in order for you to keep your project moving forward and on budget.  We currently operate four geophysical vans each fully stocked with GPR, EM, RF and other equipment needed for any type of survey. Click on the buttons below for more information regarding our geophysical services and the geophysical instrument for more equipment details.


“Thanks for responding to the subject project for us last week.  TPI did an excellent job and maintained constant communication with our field crew during the investigation.   Thanks for the quick turnaround on all fronts.”

Nelson Brooks - EA Engineering

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