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Our Geoprobe Fleet

TPI maintans a fleet of 12 Geoprobe rigs mounted on four different carrier platforms.  Each of the four rig types serves a niche depending on site accessibility, quantity of borings, and depth of the borings.  TPI has the flexibitly to meet the demanding scheduling needs of environmental consulting market.  Having several options to pair the properly sized rig for your specific project equates to cost savings for you and your client. TPI also performs vacuum excavation services as well as interior "hand sampling" services.

soil sampling NJ PA

4 - Track Geoprobes - Grass Accessibility

utility locator GPR geophysical survey driller MA NJ PA CT NH UST locator

5 - Truck Geoprobes - Ease of Mobilization

monitorign well install NJ PA

2 - 7822 Geoprobe -  Sampling Production

Hand Sampling

Concrete Coring

1 - Dingo Geoprobe - Propane Option

vacuum excavation NJ PA

Vacuum Excavation


"Wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with the services TPI provided to our client this past week; who took the time to tell me what a pleasure it was to work with your crew of Brian, Kyle, Jarred, and John."

Ed Knyfd - LAN Associates, Inc

Soil Sampling

Water Sampling

Soil Gas

soil gas.JPG
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