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Injection Services
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Our Approach

TPI prides itself in creating unique remedial injection solutions and specializes in the practical aspects of mixing and pumping injection reagents. We work with the consultant for the site expertise and the reagent supplier for the chemical expertise. TPI believes in a team approach for the successful completion of a cost effective injection program.  We recognize that the cost of the injection contractor can vary significantly and can often be 50% or more of the total project cost.   For these reasons consider working with an experienced and qualified injection contractor from the design stages through the completion of the project. 


Since 1995 TPI has injected numerous compounds at multiple sites with varying subsurface conditions.  Chlorinated and petroleum hydrocarbon contaminants are commonly treated using oxidation, abiotic reduction, or biological treatment.  Some of the reagents and suppliers that we have worked with are listed below.

TPI Reagent Injection List - EHC, ZVI/guar gum, HRC, ORC, MgOH, ELS, KHCO3, EVO, EISB, ELS, Dehalococcoides, RegenOx® In-Situ chemical oxidation (ISCO), oxygen releasing reagent (ORR) calcium peroxide, nitrogen fertilizer, Klozur® CR, KMnO4, H2O2


Reagent Suppliers – Regenisis, Peroxychem, Hepure, Terrasystems, Carus, FMC, Sirus

Our Equipment 

Each injection program is unique in terms of geologic conditions, mixing requirements, water availability and a host of other issues.  It is for these reasons that we do not believe in a one size fits all mixing and injection system.  Our injection systems are scaled up or down for the specific project needs ultimately creating efficiency and value for the client.

gs 1000.JPG

GS1000 Pump

1 to 3 gpm at 1000 psi

diaphragm pump.JPG

Diaphragm Pump

5 to 15 gpm at 100 psi

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