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SINCE 1995

Prior to starting TPI, the Fendler brothers had over 10 years of experience in the environmental consulting business, Frank as a consulting geologist, and Kurt as an environmental field technician.  Early on in our careers, it was evident to us that, in general, environmental drilling and contracting firms represented a poor value through providing an inferior service with low quality field personnel at relatively high rates.  In addition, these companies had very little understanding or care for the customers’ needs and desires.  Our firm started in 1995 to fill this need by providing the niche service of GeoprobeTM drilling which is commonly referred to direct push sampling (see  At the time the firm was started, these efficient and economical pick-up truck mounted GeoprobeTM drilling rigs revolutionized the environmental drilling business.  The days of mobilizing large, inefficient, expensive drilling rigs and crews for most environmental sampling projects was beginning to come to an end.  TPI focused on this GeoprobeTM drilling niche for about 10 years and we have continually expanded our network through superior service and reputation.  In 2005, TPI added geophysical services and quickly gained a reputation for providing an outstanding service at a reasonable rate.  In 2012 TPI added well drilling services and we are currently seeing a stronger demand for this service than we can satisfy.  Both of these services draw off the same network of customers and compliment our original strength of GeoprobeTM drilling. Geophysical surveys rely on the expertise of geologists, engineers or scientists. These surveys are performed with sophisticated and customized geophysical equipment and are typically utilized for confirming/denying underground storage tanks, identifying complex underground utilities, locating waste disposal areas, and detecting subsurface anomalies such as voids and sinkholes.  TPI currently works exclusively for environmental consulting and engineering firms throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. 

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