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Hollow Stem Auger Drilling

TPI deploys hollow stem auger rigs when advancing shallow wells upto 6-inches in diameter.  Our crews, rigs, and support trucks are trained and equiped for the specific requirements of environmental well drilling industry.  TPI deploys a track auger rig and a standard truck auger rig.  The site specific requirements such as the proposed well depths, site access, and sampling volume will determine which rig is best for your project.

Geoprobe 7822 Advantages


  - Sampling Speed And Depth

  - Grass Accessibility

utility locator GPR geophysical survey driller MA NJ PA CT NH UST locator

CME 55 Advantages


  - Auger Speed And Torque

  - More Efficient For WElls >25'

  - Split Spoon Sampling

Air Rotary Bedrock Drilling

TPI is advancing air rotary wells/borings with down the hole hammers (DTH) of various diameters and we are utilizing both the Geoprobe 7822 and CME 55 drilling platforms.  The 7822 rig is the perfect solution for interior drilling, tight access locations, wooded/landscaped/residential sites, and drilling on grass. 


Alternative Well Diagram


Alternative Wells - 2" ID Prepacks Casing Driven Wells

Depending on site conditions and state requirements TPI is capable of installing 2-inch ID prepack wells in 4" OD driven casing.  The main advantage of this method is production and cost.  Another significant advantage is the lack of soil cuttings.  TPI has installed up to five 50-foot wells in an 8-hour day using this technique.  Smaller prepacks (3/4-inch ID) may be installed in by hand in tight access areas.   

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